Monday, March 24, 2014

Approval sought for former West Wyoming police chief's plea deal

Approval sought for ex-police chief's Amazon Deal Online

State prosecutors on Friday asked a judge to give final approval to a plea deal that allows former West Wyoming police Chief David Gashi to avoid criminal charges for receiving extra pay and payments.

When the deal was announced last month before trial, Gashi's attorney said he unwittingly received the extra payments due to forgery committed by a former borough employee who is now deceased.

The extra pay, which amounted to $3,706, led to $14,759 in extra pension payments.

Gashi has repaid the money and the charges should be dismissed, state prosecutors said Friday.

Gashi, 70, who served the department for 36 years, retired as chief on Dec. 31, 2011. He and then-police Chief Stanley Sipko were arrested in July 2012 on theft charges on allegations they overbilled the borough by filing for duplicate pay checks. Sipko later pleaded guilty and entered a probationary program.

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